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    We Provide Alpharetta with Electrical Services

    When you need Alpharetta electrical services call on Perry Electrical. As the founder and owner-operator of Perry Electrical Contractors, Ryan Perry leads a team of expert electricians with comprehensive residential, commercial, industrial experience. Ryan began as an electrical helper in 1995 and opened his own business a decade later. Today, the Perry electrical Team satisfies customers with impeccable follow-through, absolute respect, and the utmost courtesy. Their focus is on exceeding customer expectations by providing outstanding electrical services.

    Perry Electrical has the skills, tools, training, equipment, and knowledge to conquer electrical jobs with complete confidence. There is nothing electrical they cannot do. Every Alpharetta customer starts with a free quote. From the quote to project completion, expect nothing less than top tier quality service.

    Alpharetta Electrical Installation and Maintenance

    Perry Electrical Contractors offers professional Alpharetta electrical installation services. They install ceiling and exhaust fans as well as CO alarms and smoke detectors. Also, Perry Electrical installs and services EV charging stations, solar energy systems, and transformers. Alpharetta lighting services include maintenance, installation, and repair of indoor, outdoor, and landscape lighting plus dimmers, timers, controls, and sensors.

    Alpharetta Electrical Troubleshooting and Repairs

    In Alpharetta, home and business owners call us when they have lighting, outlets, electrical panels, or wiring in need of repair. We arrive promptly, inspect, troubleshoot, and repair residential electrical issues of any sort. Perry Electrical Contractors provides electrical troubleshooting and repairs services for broken outlets, flickering lights, and tripped circuit breakers.

    • How do you fix an electrical overload?
    • What is a circuit overload?
    • What are the signs of an overloaded circuit?
    • How do I know if my electrical panel is overloaded?

    Alpharetta Whole-Home Surge Protection

    Protect your residence in Alpharetta from lightning strikes and power surges with whole-home surge protection. More than a plug-in surge protector, Perry Electrical Contractors hard-wires the equipment into your main electrical panel. Keep electronics, smart technology, and home appliances safe from power surges. These surges come from lightning strikes, utility company grid changes, and the regular operation of power-packing devices.

    • Do whole house surge protectors work?
    • Are whole house surge protectors better than plug-in surge protectors?
    • What can a whole-home surge protector protect?
    • What is a whole-house surge protector?

    Alpharetta Standby Generators

    Backup generators or standby generators automatically kick on when you lose power. Ideally, with no interruption of service when powered by natural gas or propane. These generators must also have an automatic transfer switch to function correctly. Perry Electrical Contractors owner, Ryan Perry, and his team work on generators of any make and model. Please remember to have all generators serviced annually. Call on Perry Electrical Contractors for your standby generator installation and servicing needs in Alpharetta.

    • What size generator do I need to run my whole house or business?
    • What is the average cost to have a whole house generator installed?
    • Is there a tax credit for a standby generator?
    • How does a home standby generator work?

    Alpharetta Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

    With energy-efficient led landscape lighting by Perry Electrical, you are free to enjoy your open-air space at ease. Our practical design and precision installation ensure your business or residence is safer, more secure, and attractive at the same time. Perry Electrical Contractors installs low-voltage lighting to highlight the elegance of your lawn and outside of your Alpharetta home or business.

    Alpharetta Overhead and Underground Wiring Services

    At Perry Electrical Contractors, we provide all the overhead and underground wiring services you need in Alpharetta. Whether it is providing power for new construction, remodeling projects, outbuildings, or re-establishing electricity, we do it all.

    • What is overhead wiring?
    • How do I know if I have underground wiring?
    • What is the overhead service connection?
    • How long does it take to connect the overhead service?

    Alpharetta Electrical Panel Repair and Panel Upgrades

    Most residents and businesses in Alpharetta have electricity demands beyond the capability of their electrical panel. Get a free quote on an electrical panel repair or a panel upgrade, especially if you have noticed circuit breakers tripping more frequently.

    • Can I upgrade my electrical panel?
    • What are the benefits of upgrading an electrical panel?
    • How does thermal imaging work?
    • When should I upgrade my electric panel?

    Alpharetta Remodeling Projects

    Home and business improvement projects in Alpharetta are in capable hands with the Perry Electrical Team. That is why we are the top Alpharetta electrician for home and business improvements. Whether it is wiring for a new office space, basement, playroom, or kitchen restoration, these electricians can do it. Get honest, top-quality safety and professionalism from start to finish.

    • Can you put the electrical wiring in an entire home addition?
    • Do you install lighting?
    • Can you install more outlets in our kitchen?
    • What kind of remodeling work do you do?

    Alpharetta Storm, Fire, and Water Damage Repair

    When you experience any fire, water, and storm damage, you may have electrical problems and outages. If your electrical system suffers damages, your insurance company will probably replace it. We can take on the project of returning your electrical up to code following a disaster in Alpharetta.

    • What type of electrical damage is the most common?
    • How do I know if my electrical system is damaged?
    • Will you work with my insurance provider?
    • If a tree downed power lines in my yard, what do I do?

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    A suburb north of Atlanta, Alpharetta is a city in northern Fulton County, Georgia. In 1980, the tiny town had a population of only 3,000. Today, the population soars to 100,000 and more each workday. Alpharetta is known for some of the best schools in the United States. Alpharetta is known as "Technology City of the South." With the largest concentration of technology companies in the Nation. Over 700 tech-centric companies in Alpharetta make it the single leading destination for information technology services. Top employers are ADP, Fiserv, Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions, Verizon Wireless, Jackson Healthcare, and Change Healthcare.

    Twenty-six miles north of downtown Atlanta, is downtown Alpharetta. In the heart of Alpharetta is Avalon, a hub of local culture and activity that delivers the luxury of the modern South. It features 500,000 square feet of high-end retail space, a 12-screen Regal Cinemas theater, 105,000 square feet of office space, 101 single-family homes and 250 luxury rental residences. Set on 45 acres in Alpharetta, Ameris Bank Amphitheatre seats 7,000 under a unique roof and another 5,000 under the stars. Its park atmosphere brings nature and entertainment together. The largest Alpharetta park, Wills Park, has sports fields and courts, a swimming pool, a dog park, a recreation center, and an adjoining 50-acre Equestrian Center. Big Creek Greenway is a 12-foot wide, 8-mile long concrete path that winds through the woods following Big Creek. The nature conservation park is home to blue heron, deer, ducks, and Canadian geese.