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  • Outdoor Lighting Solutions That Will Light Up Your Life

    Alpharetta outdoor lighting solutions are trending throughout Georgia. Finally, Alpharetta homeowners are remodeling, and new home construction is on the rise. Custom exterior lighting solutions are a high priority rather than last-minute add-ons. Designing and installing outdoor lighting systems takes an artistic eye and technical skill. Hire an Alpharetta electrician to hardwire your outdoor lighting project. The best outdoor lighting solutions take advantage of the five categories of exterior lighting. Consider these five chief kinds of outside lighting to enhance your outdoor space.

    1. Spot Lighting Illuminates Landscaping

    Spot lighting goes by names, including uplighting and landscape lighting. This outdoor lighting shines a beam of light upward to highlight trees elegantly. Spotlights also effectively light exquisite landscaping, ornamental elements, fountains, and the like. Highlight immaculate gardens and boost curb appeal with this outdoor lighting solution upgrade.

    2. Security Lighting Improves Safety

    Security lighting, usually the brightest outdoor lighting solution, serves to light up a wide area. Typically, homes have floodlights, front and rear, with motion sensor activation. To upgrade security lighting around your home, we can design a custom security lighting solution for you. Consider adding interior controls for exterior motion lights. Also, suitable outdoor lighting is essential for security cameras to capture high-resolution images. The last thing you want is grainy camera footage of a suspicious event.

    When it comes to keeping your home safe, lighting is essential. Security lighting is a time-tested way to make a home less break-in friendly. Motion sensors, daylight sensors, and timers are popular ways to control security lights. Smart home technology can allow you to control Alpharetta outdoor lighting solutions via apps and voice command assistants. So, you can control your home security whether you are at home or away.

    Moreover, automate specific outdoor lights to flash in emergencies. When seconds count, emergency lights help first responders to spot your home more easily. And it alerts neighbors and passersby to call for help.

    3. Deck Lighting Looks Amazing

    Deck lighting will beautify your deck and make it safer. A deck area with custom lighting will look amazing. The best thing is that you can love using your deck day and night with ease. Experience intense pleasure and relaxation when you look out at your beautiful deck after sundown. Whether you are an avid deck user or not, deck lighting makes you fall in love with your deck again.

    4. Path Lighting Enhances Navigation

    Path lighting pleasingly directs the eye, marks the path, and leads the way. Enliven your walkway, driveway, pavers, fence line, and path for elegant appeal. Suddenly, without proper lighting, your Alpharetta outdoor oasis becomes an obstacle course of trip hazards after dark. On the other hand, flipping on bright floodlights have the ambiance of an interrogation room. Fortunately, between these extremes, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Low-voltage path lights require professional transformer installation. Placing pathway lights under one hundred lumens along a garden edge creates a soft contour. However, for driveway and front door navigation, two hundred lumen path lights would be better. Either way, path lighting is landscape lighting typically around ground level. Distance multiple units equidistant apart to add to the overall beauty of any Alpharetta outdoor lighting solution.

    5. Pool Lighting Highlights Entertaining

    Pool lighting solutions are as diverse as the pools they illuminate. There is no shortage of ways to light a nighttime swim or poolside engagement. Play with in-pool LED lighting for impressive color-changing kaleidoscope swims. In addition, we install underwater submersible lighting for fountains, ponds, boat docks, and water features. Key areas to light for poolside safety are the pool’s edge and access points. Specialized bug control lighting silently attracts mosquitoes and other insects away from your pool for bug-free enjoyment.

    Perry Electrical Installs Lighting Solutions

    Perry Electrical Contractors is the Alpharetta electrician to wire all your outdoor lighting solutions. Whatever the exterior lighting project entails, we can manage it. From pool lighting to deck lighting to path lighting to security lighting, and more. Hire the best Alpharetta electrician when you want the best outdoor lighting solutions. Call us today at 678.247.5488 to brighten your life.