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  • Electrical Safety Tips Electricians Know You Need to Know

    Alpharetta Electrical Contractors at Perry Electrical Put Safety First

    In Alpharetta, electrical safety is essential for every homeowner to run a safe home. Here are electrical safety tips to help reduce the risk of electrical fires. These tips are easy to understand and simple to follow with a little effort. Following electrical safety guidelines at home is the best way to prevent home electrical fires. With Perry Electrical Contractors, safety always comes first. We are the Alpharetta electrical professionals that care about you. Our team is here to help you anytime you are uneasy about the safety of electrical outlets or appliances.

    Lightbulb wattage must match the fixture or appliance recommendation. Changing a lightbulb is easy. But it is easy to get it wrong. Use the right wattage in your fixtures and appliances. Using the correct wattage lightbulbs helps prevent Alpharetta electrical problems. So, check lamps, fixtures, and appliances for the correct wattage. Suppose you have a light fixture without a wattage listed; to be safe, install LED bulbs. LED bulbs are more energy-efficient than older style lightbulbs. They consume less power and require fewer watts to produce equivalent lumens.

    Watch out for overloaded outlets to protect your home. Overloading Alpharetta electrical outlets is dangerous. Outlets need to have faceplates correctly installed. Your wall outlets should never be warm or hot to the touch. Be sure that a proper electrician inspects all hot outlets. Plug one heat-producing electrical appliance into an outlet at a time. Appliances need to plug directly into the wall. Do not use extension cords, power strips, or multi-outlet hubs for appliances. These home appliances include ovens, toasters, washers, dryers, and such. A power strip does not boost the amount of power coming out of a wall outlet. Strips only add more outlets, not more power. Smart outlet technology supplies new ways to stay safe. These electrical devices monitor outlet power load and can turn off outlets beginning to overheat.

    Replace and repair damaged extension cords and Alpharetta electrical power cords. Damage to power cords is a common fire starter and electrocution hazard. Check your power and extension cords regularly for fraying and cracks. Repair or replace problem cords at once. Do not staple, nail, or pinch power or extension cords. Never run power cords under rugs or furniture. Cords are a trip hazard and often overheat under rugs. Walking on electrical cords crushes wires and cuts insulation exposing naked wiring. Using extension cords more than temporarily means you need more outlets. Have an electrician install more outlets.

    Store your power cords securely to stay safe at home. Whether a cord is in use now or the future, you must take care of it. Damage to Alpharetta electrical cords is a primary cause of residential electrical fires in the United States. So, how can you keep your cords in working order? Focus on preventing cord damage. To do that, store cords safely out of reach of children and pets. Both of which tend to chew on or play with the cords causing damage. Also, do not wrap cords tightly around hair dryers or other equipment. Pulling cords tightly stretches cords leading to overheating. Lastly, do not set an Alpharetta electrical cord down on a hot surface. Doing so can damage cord insulation and expose cord wires.

    Unplug appliances when not in use to reduce Alpharetta electrical fire risks. One of the most obvious electrical safety tips is also one of the easiest to skip. When an appliance is not in use, please take a second to unplug it. Why bother, you may ask? For one, this reduces energy use and energy costs. Electrical appliances, devices, and equipment use energy when plugged into an outlet, whether turned on or through phantom draining. Unplug to reduce phantom drain, overheating, and power surge damages. Smart home technology is the perfect way to remember to unplug appliances. Set up power schedules using your smart home application and smart outlets.

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