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  • Electrical Panel Upgrades and Electrical Fire Warning Signs to Know

    Marietta Electrical Panel Upgrades and Three Common Warning Signs of Residential Electrical Fire, You Need to Know 

    A dysfunctional electrical system not only is annoying but also is dangerous for your household. From warm outlets to power surges, read on to find out what you need to do about it. Luckily, you can trust our electricians to perform residential electrical work safely and correctly in your home. Of course, electrical panel upgrades and the warning signs of residential electrical fire are of concern to residents all over Cobb County. 

    From flickering lights in historic Marietta Square homes to power surges in East Cobb neighborhoods, electrical system anomalies warn of a heightened risk of an electrical fire. To best protect your property, people, and pets from electrical fire act at once when you notice a change in the form or function of your electrical system.   

    Here, Marietta electricians reveal the electrical fire warning signs. Furthermore, they explain what to do when you see these signs. Power surges tripped breakers, and dropped connections, especially when occurring with increasing frequency, indicate an elevated risk of an electrical fire. Upon noticing these signs, heed their warning with an inspection and solution from one of the qualified electricians at Perry Electrical Contractors.  

     Common Home Electrical Fire Warning Signs  

     Anything Powered by Electricity Can Catch Fire  

    Home electrical fires can start in wiring, electrical distribution systems, and lighting equipment, as well as in any equipment powered by electricity such as cooking, heating, office, and entertainment equipment, washers, and dryers, as well as electrical distribution or lighting equipment, that is according to Richard Campbell, author of the March 2019 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) “Electrical Fires” report.  

    Arc Faults Can Ignite A Fire Anywhere Electricity Goes  

    Campbell explains, “home fires due to electrical failure or malfunction primarily involve some form of arcing, which results from an unintentional discharge of electrical current between conductors. Given sufficient time and level of current, arc faults can produce enough heat to ignite a fire. Arc faults are produced by damaged conductors and connectors and may involve damaged wiring, frayed appliance cords, loose connections in wall outlets, or faulty switches and junction boxes. Arc faults may originate in different areas of the home or virtually any electrical fixture or equipment.”  

    High Energy Demands Overload Circuits 

    Homes fifteen or more years old will have trouble meeting the electrical capacity of a typical U.S. household today. Think back to 2005 when early adopters invested innovative Wi-Fi enabled laptops. Now, high-energy Wi-Fi-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets, e-readers, gaming systems, printers, speakers, and others we expect to run simultaneously 24/7/365. Older homes with the original electrical panel in place need to upgrade. Electrical problems are the third-leading cause of structure fires, and many of those problems stem from an overloaded circuit breaker.

    Campbell explains why this should be a concern for homeowners in his NFPA “Electrical Fires” report,Aging electrical systems in older homes can be a source of arc faults, either through normal wear and tear or because the systems cannot accommodate the greater demands of modern appliances. Circuits can also be overloaded by providing electricity to too many appliances, often through power cords.”   

    Marietta Electrical Panel Upgrades Protect Your Home 

    What can you expect when you draw more electricity from a circuit than it can safely manage? Circuit overload is the result. To avoid overloading circuits, homeowners in Marietta turn to electrical panel upgrades, and circuit breaker repair and replacement services. As a result, they can use the devices they need when they need them. Furthermore, they rest easy because these improvements also lowering the risk of a home electrical fire. 

     The Electricians for Marietta Electrical Panel Upgrades  

    To improve your electrical system infrastructure, get a qualified electrician to update components, upgrade parts, or system elements. Have professional electricians, Perry Electrical Contractors, increase the functionality of your electrical system with professional residential electrical services and solutions.  

    Consider Circuit Breaker Repair and Replacement Services  

    With inadequate circuit breakers, your electronics are vulnerable to power surges. In fact, one power surge can cost thousands of dollars. However, the right circuit breaker improvements will help prevent data loss from sudden power outages. In addition, these repairs also reduce instances of dropped connections. Most importantly, circuit breaker improvements help stop the surges that damage electronic devices.

    Certainly, this important for people working from homebecause a sudden power loss can also mean sudden data loss. Even worse, a power surge could damage or destroy your most valuable devices. Above all, If you are tripping the breaker or experiencing power surges more often these are the warning signs of an electrical fire. 

    Stop unplugging one device to power another. Our circuit breaker repair and replacement services can help prevent overloading circuits. Plus, they prevent power surges, power interruptions, and broken connections. In other words, these residential electrical improvements allow your home to meet modern high electricity demands.  Moreover, they reduce the risk of an electrical fire.  

    Marietta Electrical Panel Upgrades Increase Home Safety 

    Electrical panel repair, upgrade, and replacement services can help your home meet your high electricity demands. With the increasing number of Wi-Fi-enabled high-energy devices, most homes are due for a panel upgrade.

    These electrical panel upgrade services dramatically reduce the risk of fire. Also, they reduce the likelihood of a digital device damaging power surge.  With a panel upgrade, power interruptions and broken Internet connection no longer cause catastrophic data loss or other technological headaches.  

    Get a Free Quote on Marietta Electrical Panel Upgrades 

    At Perry Electrical Contractors, we know a fully functional electrical system is a necessity. That is to say, it must meet your high data needs. Moreover, electrical panel upgrades and circuit breaker updates are important to keep your household safe. These services prevent power surges, power interruptions, and broken connections. Furthermore, this is how to minimize the risk of igniting a fire.

    Finally, please have an electrical system inspection to find out if your home is at risk and get a free quote from us today.  Call 678-247-5488 or use our contact form to get in touch with us now.