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    General contractors and electrical contractors have been working together since time began…or at least since electricity was discovered! When you have a commercial building or project that needs professionals, you can rely on, count on the team at Perry Electrical Contractors. Here's what our experts can do for you and your commercial project:

    Troubleshooting and Repairs

    Whether you have lighting issues or outlets that are not working, we’ve got you covered. Our team of professional electricians can handle any troubleshooting and repair you’ve got. We respond promptly to service requests and can get you back in business quickly.

    Tenant Build-Outs

    We work with general contractors to ensure their build-outs are a success. Whether you have a clothing store that’s transitioning to an ice cream shop or a retail outlet that a new buyer wants to turn into a taco shop, we can help. Our team can take care of the electrical changes to get your clients in business.

    New Construction

    Every commercial building needs electricity. We can handle any new construction project to make sure the electric work is up to your expectations, and up to code, while coming in on time and on budget.

    Parking Lot Lighting

    You can’t have a business with a dark parking lot. Perry Electrical Contractors can wire your parking lot and set it up with LED lighting that’s energy-efficient and safe for your client’s customers.

    Low-Voltage and Fiber Optics

    Data and communication systems require specialized wiring. Networking with underground fiber link and data copper lines is critical. Our team can do the install to get the systems online quickly and accurately.

    Underground Boring

    No one wants to dig up a parking lot to make an adjustment to electrical capacity. Instead of tearing up your concrete and asphalt, we can tunnel underneath with underground boring to bring your commercial electrical needs up to speed.

    Additional Commercial Electrical Services

    At Perry Electrical Contractors, we want to be your go-to provider for all of your commercial electrical needs. In addition to the staples, we also work to provide some additional commercial electrical services, including:

    • Generator installation, so your commercial property never goes without electricity, even during one of Georgia’s bigger storms
    • Camera system installation for security and property oversight
    • Remodel electrical to fit the needs of any redesign or add-on
    • Remodel electrical to fit the needs of any redesign or add-on
    • Storm, fire, and water damage repair to electrical systems to bring you up to code and get you back in business

    Trust Your Commercial Projects to Perry Electrical Contractors

    No matter what type of commercial project you have in mind, we can do the job. Let our experts handle everything from troubleshooting and repair of existing electrical to installation and upgrades for any building or project. Contact Perry Electrical Contractors today for a free quote.

    Are you a general contractor looking for a trustworthy electrical contractor?   

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