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  • Expert Electrical Repair When Storm, Fire, and Water Damage Hits Home

    In Marietta, electrical repair pros are necessary when storm, fire, and water damage strikes.

    Severe weather is volatile and can be destructive to your home’s electrical system. Perry Electrical Contractors provides emergency services for homeowners and business owners with fire, water, and storm damage. Electrical systems can suffer harm resulting from a lightning strike blowing a circuit breaker, intrusive water ruining your wiring, or an electrical fire ravaging your electrical panel.

    The wind, lightning, torrential rain, and hail that accompany severe storms and tornados can wreak havoc on the electrical system in your home.

    For safety, take shelter in a central room during severe storms. Select a sheltered area on the lowest floor if possible without windows or as far from windows as you can. When the stormy weather passes, you will need Marietta electrical repair and restoration for electrical damage. No matter the cause, the skilled electricians at Perry Electrical Contractors, have years of experience repairing damaged electrical wiring, outlets, service panels, and other electrical components. After storm, water, or fire damage, call the experienced Perry Electrical team to get your home running safely quickly.

    In Marietta, an electrical fire in your home or business can undoubtedly damage your electrical system.

    Many circumstances can lead to an electrical fire. The most common reasons for electrical fire include improperly installed electrical wiring, malfunctioning power outlets, overloaded circuits, and extension cord misuse. When flames flare up inside a home or business, most people will instinctually want to dowse the fire with water. Water is what not to put on an electrical fire. In fact, trying to extinguish an electrical fire with water or foam will not work. Moreover, doing such will make the situation worse.

    This point bears repeating if you experience an electrical fire, remember, do not use water to extinguish it. Because water is a conductor of electricity, throwing water on an electrical fire is likely to send an incredible electrical shock to you when the power is on. This kind of shock can prove to be deadly. Always call 911 to report a home or business fire. If you know the fire is electrical, let firefighters know.

    There are steps you can take to reduce your risk of having an electrical fire.

    First, it is a good idea to inspect all electronic devices and equipment regularly visually. Any electronics with exposed, damaged, or frayed wiring should not be in use until repairs can be made by a qualified professional. If repairing the item is not possible, replacement is going to be the safest option. Also, be sure to store flammable materials safely at least three feet from electrical components and connections. Use power strips and electrical cords correctly to avoid overloading.

    Electrical upgrades are sure to reduce the risk of an electrical fire. Please have your electrical system checked if you notice flickering lights, burning smells, electrical sparks, or any outlets or light switches warm to the touch. Frequently tripped breakers indicate electrical problems that a panel upgrade can solve. Besides, make sure your smoke alarms work correctly and install new batteries every six months in them. Additional electrical safety tips from nfpa.org.

    Perry Electrical can bring your electrical back online and up to code following a fire or storm.

    With storms, fire, and water damage comes electrical issues and outages. When you experience water, smoke, or fire damage from an electrical fire or natural disaster, you can count on Perry Electrical Contractors, your Marietta electrical repair and electrical damage restoration experts. We have the skills, tools, training, equipment, and experience to tackle electrical jobs with complete confidence. From the initial quote to project completion, expect nothing less than top tier quality service. Contact us today.