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  • How To Hire The Landscape Lighting Electrician Everybody Loves

    You Found The Landscape Lighting Electrician Marietta Homeowners Love to Hire

    If you are reading this, your search is over. Ryan Perry, the owner of Perry Electrical Contractors, is the electrician Marietta loves to hire. Ryan leads a team of skilled electricians that provide every electrical service your home will ever need, from whole-house surge protection to backup generators to low-voltage landscape lighting. As far as landscape lighting, Marietta homeowners demand the best. They expect effective design and precision installation, and that is what they get from Ryan Perry, a Certified Kichler Lighting professional.

    Why Do Marietta Homeowners Need A Landscaping Lighting Electrician?

    Typically, there are three reasons homeowners want to hire a landscape lighting electrician in Marietta; to accentuate beauty, improve security, increase safety, or all of the above. As far as home security, well-lit homes are less appealing targets for criminal break-ins, vandalism, and robbery. However, an illuminated home with additional motion-activated LED floodlights boosts security even more. For enhanced safety, with a qualified landscape lighting electrician, Marietta homeowners can say goodbye to dimly-lit trip hazards. You may be surprised by the effectiveness of proper lighting. Finally, you can avoid slips, falls, and trips over rocks, shrubs, and walkways.

    Why Use Low Voltage Landscape Lighting?

    Low voltage landscape lighting works with a low voltage transformer to allow it to use 12v of electricity outside instead of 120v utilized inside your home. There are advantages to this type of exterior landscape lighting. First of all, and obviously, it consumes less energy. That, in turn, means it is efficient, more sustainable, and better for the planet than traditional lighting. Moreover, exterior low voltage lighting exposed to the elements may become wet, and it is much safer in that situation that its higher voltage counterparts. Also, unlike 120v lighting, low voltage does not cast harsh shadows, enhancing nighttime visibility. Furthermore, 12v light fixtures and bulbs are smaller than the 120v variety. Their more diminutive size supports lighting designs with an unobstructed aesthetic. Lastly, professional landscape lighting enhances the attractiveness and adds value to your property.

    Which Features Should Be The Focus?

    When it comes to landscape lighting for your home, the design focus can target particular areas and unique features. Tree lighting spectacularly showcases beautiful trees. Avid gardeners enjoy the fruits of their work, day and night, with mystical garden lighting. Ponds and water features elevate outdoor living. The addition of landscape lighting boosts the wow factor taking your breath away. Of course, lighting can highlight any hardscape elements, including pools, fire pits, retaining walls, and the like. You may not know whether accent lighting, uplighting, or pathway illumination will best highlight your home. Not to mention whether pool, patio, deck lighting, or all three combine perfectly or overpower your property. The design options are endless, but do not let it overwhelm you. The good news is that experienced Perry Electrical Contractors professionals eliminate confusion from the design and installation process with precision design.

    Why Choose Perry Electrical Contractors?

    It is challenging to find a landscaping lighting electrician who can design landscape lighting and also execute the design. However, Perry Electrical has the tools, training, and skills to dramatize and secure your Cobb County home exterior with lighting. Depend on the landscape lighting electricians in Marietta with hands-on experience essential for delivering high-quality, low voltage lighting solutions. Perry Electrical is a top Marietta electrician serving all of Cobb County. Call (678) 247 5488.