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  • Are You Looking For An Electrician For A Remodel or Renovation?

    Are You Looking For A Marietta Electrician For A Remodel or Renovation?

    The Marietta electrician for your remodel and renovation projects is Perry Electrical Contractors. Whether it is wiring for an addition, basement, or kitchen renovation, these electricians can handle your wiring needs. Expect the highest level of competence, safety, and professionalism every step of the way. The electrical work for your remodeling project is in good hands with the experienced Perry Electrical team. 

    Perry Electrical Contractors Does It All

    Typically, residential remodeling, renovations, and additions require new electrical wiring. You can get an idea of what you may need by taking a look at the architectural plans for your project. Consider the size of any additions. Also, for renovation and remodeling, ask yourself, how extensive is the project? For small additions and less extensive home improvement projects, we can sometimes add the new electrical wiring to your existing main electrical service panel. However, significant home additions, extensive remodeling, basement finishing, and similar situations require installing a sub-panel. 

    Indeed, the Marietta electricians for remodels from Perry Electrical will inspect your current electrical system. They can provide all the electrical services you will ever need. If it has been more than ten years since a home electrical upgrade, this is an excellent time to evaluate it. With technology advancing at an unprecedented rate, most homeowners use more electrical and wi-fi enabled devices than ever before. 

    We Are The Marietta Electricians For Your Remodel and Panel Upgrade

     A home fifteen or more years old with its original electrical wiring and service panel has difficulty meeting the electrical needs of a typical Marietta household. In order to simultaneously run smartphones, tablets, e-readers, gaming systems, printers, speakers, and other high-energy Wi-Fi-enabled devices will require a panel upgrade. If you experience dropped wi-fi connections and tripped breakers with more frequency or notice flickering lights, warm or discolored outlets, power surges, or sudden loss of power, that is a problem. The problem is that your electrical demands are too much for your system capacity, and circuit overload is the result. Because an overloaded circuit can lead to a residential electrical fire, please trust the top Marietta electrician for remodels, Perry Electrical, to address it quickly. 

    Home remodeling projects offer you, the homeowner, the perfect opportunity to finally fix any bothersome issues around your house. Home remodeling can involve removing drywall and opening ceilings for numerous reasons. Whatever the reason, the displaced portions of walls and ceilings expose your electrical because home electrical wiring runs behind walls and above ceilings. 

    Do You Need More Electrical Outlets?

    Consider adding electrical outlets as far as electrical changes and upgrades to do along with your home remodeling project. The problem of having too few outlets is the one that bothers out customers the most. Perry Electrical experts will install new outlets wherever you need them. Marietta homeowners often want additional outlets to accommodate new work from home office equipment and distance learning homeschool classrooms. Families with teens and young adults request more outlets in their bedrooms.  There are just not enough outlets to supply power to computers, monitors, gaming devices, televisions, and more. After your renovation is complete, say goodbye using multiple power strips and extension cords; and never have to unplug one device to plug in another again. 

    Do You Have Outlets That Will Not Hold A Plug Securely? 

    If your outlets do not hold the prongs of a plug when you plug something in, we can fix it. Outlets have a lifespan. Over time and with use, they wear out like any other piece of equipment. Unfortunately, a loose outlet increases the risk of an electrical fire in your home. 

    The Marietta Electricians For Remodels You Can Trust

    When you renovate, build an addition, remodel your residence call on the Marietta electricians for remodel, Perry Electrical Contractors. We would love to make the vision you have for your home a reality. Online or on the phone, contact us today for an estimate for any residential electrical services including remodeling, generator services, and whole-home surge protectors.