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  • Backup Generators Provide Calm and Comfort During A Power Outage

    In Marietta, backup generators are the new normal.

    A home backup generator protects your home automatically. You do not have to lift a finger when the power goes out. Rest assured that your home backup generator will deliver power directly to your home electrical system. These generators are unassuming, sitting outside alongside your air conditioning equipment, and are natural gas-powered or run on liquid propane. Generators are now available with monitoring technology, allowing you to keep tabs on your generator’s status via smartphone, tablet, and computer remotely.

    What Causes A Power Outage?

    Severe weather conditions, including lightning, wind, ice, and extreme rain, are the number one reason for power outages. Lightning strikes can do severe damage to power lines. Also, high winds, ice, and dense rain can down trees and branches onto lines and utility equipment, knocking out power to thousands of residents. That is when Marietta backup generators come in handy.

    According to Cobb EMC, trees, animals, snow and ice, car accidents, and lightning are often the leading causes of outages and power blinks.

    It may surprise you to know that animals can be to blame for power outages. Utility companies do their best to prevent animal intrusion. However, rodents, birds, and snakes still manage to chew on power lines and creep into substation equipment, putting residents in the dark.

    Vehicle accident power outages are not only frequent but also exceptionally dangerous. Vehicles knock out power by hitting utility poles, running into transformers, and pulling down overhead power lines. Downed power lines can conduct an electric current powerful enough to cause severe injury or even death.

    Here is what to do if a vehicle you are driving or riding in comes in contact with downed power lines:

    1. Assume the ground up to 35 feet away is energized
    2. Do not get out. Stay in the car
    3. Honk your horn to signal for help
    4. Direct others to stay away from your vehicle
    5. Get onlookers to call 911

    Sometimes vehicles catch fire after downing power lines. The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) remarks that if you must exit a burning car, avoid contact with the vehicle and the ground at the same time. Jump out of the car with your feet together, landing on both feet at the same time. Minimize the potential for a severe electric shock by keeping both feet together and on the ground. Do this as you shuffle away from the car and the downed power lines.

    How Does A Backup Generator Work?

      1. Suddenly the power is out, possibly due to severe weather or a vehicle accident.
      2. At once, your generator senses a problem and prepares to restore power.
      3. Moments later, your generator is automatically up and running, generating electricity.
      4. Next, an automatic transfer switch sends the electricity from the generator to your home until utility power returns.

      What is Involved in Installing a Marietta Backup Generator?

      When you want to install a home backup generator, it is time to get professional help. Perry Electrical Contractors electricians are the leaders in the Marietta backup generator installation market. The generator installation site is outside your home. It is necessary to run a natural gas or LP fuel line and install a transfer switch and other electrical connections to complete the job. After this, to ensure your generator is ready for the first power outage, it is tested.

      What Factors Influence Installation Costs?

      Installation costs fluctuate by system size, installation specifics, and local stipulations. Take the guesswork out of installing a Marietta backup generator and get a risk-free quote.

      Who Can Install My Backup Generator in Marietta?

      Certainly with professional installation by Perry Electrical Contractors, your home backup generator can automatically turn on and off, whether you are there. Permanently installed home backup generators never run on gasoline. Therefore, they do not pose the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning like portable generators. With an automatic transfer switch, your home backup generator delivers power directly to your electrical panel. Hence, no extension cords required, and running an extension cord out a window or door is a thing of the past. Next, contact us today to find out how affordable a backup generator can be for your family.