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  • Roswell Electricians Generate Standby Electrical Power Outage Tips

    Roswell electricians know that living in Georgia means that severe weather will come your way. Relentless thunderstorms and high winds cause property damage and power outages. Being prepared for extreme weather and the power outages that come with it is essential. Learn how to protect your property, your people, and your pets from storm damage.

    Quality Electricians Say Address Potential Problems Outside Before Storms Strike

    Before storms strike, check your property for potential storm damage issues outside your home. You can prevent severe damage with a little preventative maintenance. Flying debris and falling trees are always potential hazards when it comes to storm damage. Here are a few things Roswell electricians say to look for and address before severe weather makes things worse.

    Electrician Recommends Securing Loose Items Outside to Prevent Further Roswell Storm Damage

    According to Roswell electricians, another concern is any items outside your home that may become airborne in high winds. For example, everyday patio furniture, lawn decor, and yard art can tumble in heavy winds.

    Secure these and other outdoor things like grills, smokers, and even trampolines to prevent them from becoming projectiles during storms. In addition, keep things outside your home secure so they are not subject to wind damage or damage other things.

    Emergency Supplies Roswell Electricians Recommend for Power Outages

    Gather emergency supplies before storms hit. The middle of the night is the worst time to realize your flashlight batteries are dead. Unfortunately, overnight storms are all too common, and it is best to prepare for them in advance.

    Take time to renew storm supplies to ensure you ride out the storm safely. Roswell electricians note that in addition to your flashlight battery replacement, flashlight placement is equally important.

    In the event of a power outage, no one wants to be in the dark for long. When you place a light source in every room, you can see your way to safety when the power goes out. To prep for storms and the power outages that come with them, stash flashlights and lanterns throughout the house.

    Make sure your family knows where to find a light source when the power goes out. Another power outage tip is never to light candles for illumination. Lit candles are a significant fire hazard. Use flashlights instead during power outages.

    Stock First-Aid Kits, Food, and Water Before the Power Goes Out in GA

    Part of your power outage preparation should include stocking your first-aid supplies. Some first-aid ointments and medications expire, so replace those items before they expire. It is good to have a weather radio available that operates on batteries or is crank operated.

    Another helpful addition to a power outage first-aid kit is a portable power bank ready to charge your devices. Also, stock non-perishable high-calorie food items like snack bars and plenty of clean water.

    If you have pets make sure to have an emergency kit for them with food, water, medications, and carriers ready to go. You may also want to have books and games for entertainment during power outages.

    Standby Generator Service Powers Your Home

    How will you maintain reliable electricity for powering daily life? Power outages will happen during severe weather season. The right size standby generator can ensure you do not lose power during power outages. In addition, standby generators get fuel from natural gas or liquid propane, so there is no need to refuel with gasoline.

    Roswell Electrical Contractors Service and Wire Standby Generators

    We wire standby generators directly into your home electrical system to provide minimal interruption when there is a power outage. These generators can easily power your entire home.

    When storms cause a power outage, a standby generator will automatically start delivering power. It allows you to do what you need to do without worrying about the power outage.

    What size generator do you need for a power outage? There is a straightforward way to determine the size home standby generator you need.

    First, it depends on the items you need to remain running normally during a power outage.

    Next, count the home appliances and electrical loads you need to power. These factor into generator size and cost.

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