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  • Whole-House Surge Protection Saves Homeowners Thousands

    In Marietta, whole-house surge protection guards home electrical systems and electronic appliances, devices, and equipment. 

    For Marietta, whole-house surge protection has valuable benefits. This topic sparks interest in East Cobb, where intense thunderstorms are an almost daily occurrence. Dangerous lightning and Cobb County thunderstorms go hand in hand. And powerful strikes can wreck residential electrical systems.  

    What is a power surge? 

    A power surge is a short, overvoltage event with the potential to damage electronic devices. An interruption in the flow of electricity can cause a power surge. When the flow of electricity abruptly stops and then starts up again, for example. Power surges also occur when something sends electricity flowing back into the system. Surges can range from ten to thousands of volts. 

    Do power surges originate inside my home? 

    Yes, power surges can come from inside your house. And most of them do. They are internal power surges. But what causes these internal surges? Internal power surges can happen when turning on and off large appliances. Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) estimates that 80% of power surges originate inside the home from these familiar sources: 

    What are the external sources of power surges? 

    External power surges come from power company malfunctions, damaged power lines, and power outages. Plus, lightning strikes can deliver thousands of volts at once. But, there is something you can do. The best way to protect your electrical system from overvoltage damage is to invest in a Marietta whole-house surge protection. To make it clear, a whole-home system can protect your electronic equipment from power surges. This includes surges originating outside like lightning strikes in addition to those coming from inside.  

    How does a power surge cause damage? 

    Without home surge protection, a massive power surge, from a power company malfunction, can race through your wiring, instantaneously damaging everything plugged into an outlet throughout your home. The voltage overload renders electronics useless. Ai once, frying circuit boards, melting plastic, and fusing internal inside every device plugged into an unprotected outlet. Fortuitously, catastrophic power surges are rare; but they do occur. In Marietta, whole-home surge protection protects homes from this type of damage. 

    Are power surges a common occurrence? 

    Low-level power surges occur in the average home multiple times a day. They pass quickly and either go unnoticed or are shrugged off as seeming insignificant. The problem is that over time they significantly shorten the lifespan of your most essential and expensive home equipment.  

    Tripped circuit breakers, short circuits, and the like are internal sources of surges. They are a common cause of electronic equipment failure. And why do home electronics stop working for no apparent reason? Low-level power surges gradually degrade internal circuitry until it ultimately fails. Small surges leave no outward evidence, even though they may occur dozens or even hundreds of times a day. Protecting electronic devices is easy for homeowners in Marietta, whole-house surge protection does exactly that. 

    What is the cost of power surge damage? 

    According to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, the average home has $15,000 worth of equipment that can be damaged by a power surge. This estimate seems low when you consider that surge damage can destroy so much. Your heating and air conditioning systems, washers and dryers, and water heaters are at risk. Plus, without surge protection, surges can kill major kitchen appliances. These include dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers, microwaves, cooktops, ovens, stoves, and ranges.  But it gets worse. Any device with electronic controls utilizes a microprocessor and is especially vulnerable to power surges. Think about the cost of replacing your smartphones, tablets, and computers. In addition to televisions, virtual assistants, smart speakers, basically, all electronics whether they are smart or not.  

    How can I protect my home and electronics? 

    In Marietta, whole-house surge protection is the most effective guard against power surges. A whole-house surge protection system, surge strips, and point-of-use surge protectors use metal oxide varistors (MOVs) to shunt power surges. The MOVs in whole-house surge protection shunt large surges and last for years. Do not make the mistake of installing surge protection at the circuit panel only. Although it will offer protection, it leaves your system vulnerable to surge shot through a shared circuit. 

    In Marietta, what type of whole-house surge protection installation method is the best? 

    A layered whole-house surge protection system along with dedicated circuits offers the ultimate surge protection. Specifically, a layered installation connects surge protection directly to the electrical panel and at the point of use. So, what happens when a transient surge originates from an appliance on a dedicated circuit? The surge goes back through the electrical panel. Then the panel shunts the surge, protecting electrical devices, appliances, and your entire home electrical system. Above all, with a Marietta whole-house surge protection, every outlet in your home is safe. 

    Who can I call in Marietta to get a free whole-home surge protection quote? 

    Finally, for optimal results, consult a professional electrician in Marietta for whole-home surge protection. Also, it is best to hire a licensed electrical contractor for electrical work of any type. Perry Electrical Contractors is ready to install whole-home surge protection installed in your home today. Call today to get a free quote.