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  • Hire Electrical Contractors To Avoid Risky DIY Electrical Mistakes

    Electrical contractors in Marietta like Perry Electrical Contractors have electrical safety policies and procedures in place to work safely. Performing DIY electrical work may seem like a way to cut costs, but is it worth the risk?

    DIY Electrical Risks and Why To Hire Professional Electrical Contractors in Marietta

    Electrical contractors in Marietta know that homeowners will attempt DIY electrical projects from time to time. There are some uncomplicated and straightforward electrical tasks that homeowners with some electrical knowledge can handle. These tasks range from replacing light bulbs to installing a new clothes dryer cord to basic light fixture installation. Homeowners with advanced electrical knowledge and experience may be able to take on more complex electrical DIY jobs. However, electrical work is inherently dangerous. So, hire professional electrical contractors in Marietta for tasks like electrical panel upgrades, stand-by generator installation, and wiring.

    Serious Risk Of Deadly Electrical Shock

    Hopefully, the most obvious reason to leave electrical work alone is the risk of electrical shock. Working with electricity at any voltage level always presents deadly dangers. It is easy to make mistakes while doing DIY electrical work. A simple mistake might give you a minor zap or electrocute you causing deep burns or death. The risk is just too great.

    DIY Outdoor Outlet Installation Dangers

    Outdoor outlets are subject to moisture and getting wet. Because water is an excellent conductor of electricity, electrical shock protection is necessary. All outdoor outlets need ground-fault interrupter devices that stop the flow of electricity in the presence of water. Electrical outlets outdoors also must be covered. These are two important things often left out of DIY electrical home projects that can be costly.

    DIY Electrical Work Can Be A Fire Hazard

    Mistakes are easy to make for DIY electricians. These mistakes can lead to serious injury and electrical shock, as we mentioned earlier. Moreover, simple mistakes can increase the risk of a home electrical fire. Here are several common dangerous DIY electrical mistakes that cause fires.

    Using The Wrong Gauge Wire:

    Electrical wire comes in various gauges. The gauge of a wire is a measure of its diameter. Electrical contractors in Marietta know that using the wrong wire in an electrical system is likely to short circuit and eventually ignite a fire. Using the wrong wire for the situation is a common DIY electrical mistake.

    Installing Light Bulbs With Incorrect Wattage:

    How many homeowners does it take to replace a light bulb? It is not a joke when the bulbs not the right wattage for the light fixture—something this simple can cause an electrical fire.

    Insurance May Not Cover Electrical Damage Costs

    Your homeowner’s insurance coverage may not cover fire damage stemming from faulty wiring in some cases. For instance, suppose the fire-causing faulty wiring was DIY electrical work, insurance may deny coverage. The denial is because most insurance companies only cover code-compliant electrical work by qualified electricians. Ensuring insurance covers electrical work is a good reason to avoid doing DIY home electrical work and call the professional electrical contractors in Marietta instead.

    Home Inspection Issues When Selling Your Residence

    Building and safety codes regulate the configuration, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems to safeguard against electrical hazards. Electrical contractors in Marietta perform electrical work in compliance with current codes. Code compliance is the only way to pass home inspections, which come into play when selling a home. DIY electrical may present problems that fail to pass inspections. Hiring Perry Electrical Contractors in Marietta ensures that your electrical work is correct.

    Electrical Contractors in Marietta You Can Trust

    With the experienced electricians at Perry Electrical Contractors in Marietta, you can expect a quick diagnosis and fast resolution to residential electrical problems. They do the job right the first time, saving you time and money every time. To ensure the safety of your home and loved ones, avoid DIY electrical work. Call or Text:(678) 247 5488 now. Perry Electrical Contractors for home and commercial electrical services in Marietta, Roswell, Sandy Springs, and Alpharetta We proudly service all of Cobb and North Fulton County.