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  • Electrical Outlet Replacement Questions Have Shocking Answers

    In Marietta, electrical outlet replacement done by professional electricians is best. Perry Electrical Contractors in East Cobb explains why with answers to your top questions.

    Why do electrical outlets stop working?

    You may be wondering why one of your power outlets stopped working. Electrical outlets stop working when there is a bad electrical connection. A bad connection can be the result of loose wiring or damaged wiring. Loose screws or other issues can also result in an inadequate amount of electricity flowing to the outlet. When an electrical outlet does not work, it is time to find a qualified Marietta electrician for an electrical outlet replacement.

    Do I need an electrician for an electrical outlet replacement?

    Just because electrical outlets are something we use every day without a second thought does not mean electricity is not dangerous. When you need an electrical outlet replaced or repaired, you can rely on Perry Electrical Contractors in Marietta. As a top Cobb County electrician, Perry Electrical will ensure electrical repair work is code compliant and completed correctly.

    What is the difference between a GFI outlet and a GFCI outlet?

    There is no difference between a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) and a ground fault interrupter (GFI). These are the same type of electrical devices with slightly different names. Although GFCI is the more commonly used term, GFCI and GFI are interchangeable. By either name, they protect from severe electrical shock with ground fault protection. What a GFCI does is stop the flow of electricity when a ground fault is detected. This action protects you and your family from severe or fatal electric shocks. Because GFCIs work by interrupting electrical currents for safety, they provide electrical shock protection and lower electrical fire risk as well.

    Where should GFCI outlets be installed?

    The installation of GFCI electrical outlets and GFCI circuit breakers is necessary for areas where electrical equipment may become wet. In new construction and renovations, GFCI protection requirements designated by the National Electrical Code (NEC) have gradually increased over the years.

    National Electrical Code (NEC) GFCI Requirements By Year

    Please note that the NEC requires electrical outlets within six feet of sinks, washing machines, and water heaters to be GFCI protected. Please refer to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission GFCI Fact Sheet for more detailed information on the importance of these devices.

    Do I need an electrical outlet replacement if my outlets feel warm?

    Electrical outlets should never feel warm or hot. If you notice this problem in your home or business, take action at once. The safest thing to do is locate the circuit breaker in your service panel powering the outlet and switch it off. After flipping this circuit breaker off, contact an East Cobb electrician as soon as possible to diagnose the electrical outlet issue. You may need Marietta electrical outlet replacement services.

    When a power outlet is hot to the touch, it indicates a wiring or electric current malfunction. Whether it is due to worn, damaged, or incorrectly installed wiring, it can ignite an electrical fire. Failure to address warm outlets can result in a fire or electrical shock. That is why a qualified Marietta electrical contractor should determine the reason for the malfunctioning outlet. Often, overheating is due to malfunctioning wire terminals inside the electrical outlet. Plugging into a failing outlet can lead to electrical arcs, sparks, overheating, and electrical fire.

    Who can I call for an electrical outlet replacement in Marietta?

    It is imperative not to ignore problems with your electrical outlets. Failure to act when you notice an issue can result in serious damage to your property and put your family at risk. Whether a Marietta electrical outlet replacement or repair, a professional electrician, like Perry Electrical Contractors can help. We proudly serve Marietta, Georgia and the surrounding areas, call 678-247-5488 now.