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  • 12 Reasons You Need Electrical Outlet Repair Now

    12 Reasons You Need Roswell Electrical Outlet Repair Today

    Roswell electrical outlet repair experts at Perry Electrical Contractors feel your pain. We know that dealing with electrical outlet problems is frustrating. Here, we go over twelve reasons why you are having issues with the outlets in your Roswell home. It would be best if you would read all twelve. See which problems apply to your situation. Then, call 678-247-5488 for electrical outlet repair from Perry Electrical Contractors. We are here to help you whether you need an outlet repair, outlet replacement, or new installation.

    1. Repair Outlets with Exposed Wires in Roswell

    Electrical outlet covers or switch plates protect the wiring and components of your outlets. Broken switch plates and outlet covers with cracks expose wires and lead to electrical damage. Leaving outlet wires exposed is a safety hazard. We can repair your outlets with exposed wiring today.

    2. Outlet Replacement for Loose Plugs

    Loose outlets will not hold a plug in place. When a plug does not stay in an outlet, the mechanism inside the outlet is failing. As a result, you will need a Roswell electrical outlet repair or an outlet replacement.

    3. Replace Two-Prong Outlets

    Any two-pronged outlets in your home need updating. Call us to schedule an outlet replacement service if you have this outdated technology. A three-pronged outlet will be a much safer option for your home.

    4. Roswell Switch Plates Should Not Feel Hot

    Get an outlet repair for any outlet that feels very warm to the touch. Heat indicates that something is wrong when it comes to your electrical system. Do not ignore a hot electrical outlet cover. Hire a Roswell electrician that offers outlet repair and outlet replacement services.

    5. Seeing Sparks Is Serious Business

    Sparks coming from an outlet are a concerning warning sign. Any size spark of any color means the electrical outlet is malfunctioning. Whatever the problem is, Perry Electrical Contractors can handle it. Contact us to repair or replace any Roswell electrical outlet that emits sparks.

    6. Burning Scented Outlets are Dangerous

    Another sign of a bad electrical outlet is a burning odor. If it smells like your outlet is burning, rake it seriously. Then, find a qualified local electrician to address your electrical outlet problem at once.

    7. Listen to Buzzing Sounds from Outlets

    Do you hear a buzzing sound coming from an outlet? Buzzing is another warning sign that something is wrong with an outlet. Call an electrician immediately for help with the broken outlet.

    8. Poorly Installed Outlets Will Fail Get Roswell Electrical Outlet Repair

    Sometimes outlets fail due to poor installation methods. When outlet installation is wrong, to begin with, problems with that outlet are sure to follow. The best thing you can do is get a reliable Roswell electrician to install another one the right way.

    9. Arc Faults Increase the Risk of an Electrical Fire

    When a high-power discharge of electricity continues across different conductors, it can be an arc fault. Arc faults can be dangerous. They can make wires overheat that can ignite an electrical fire.

    10. Avoid Overloading Roswell Electrical Outlets

    It is easy to overload your electrical system when you plug in too many high-voltage appliances. The same can occur by plugging in too many devices simultaneously as well.

    11. Notice More Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips

    Tripping a circuit breaker can happen upon plugging a device into an outlet. If your device fails to power on after plugging it in, you may have a tripped circuit breaker.

    12. GFCI Outlets Should Reset Easily

    GFCI outlets have ground fault circuit interrupter technology inside to prevent an electrical current from causing shock or fire. These outlets can trip much like a circuit breaker. After a power surge, pressing a small reset button on the outlet will restore power to the outlet. If you cannot reset the outlet schedule a Roswell electrical outlet repair immediately.

    Choosing the Right Outlet for Your Roswell Home

    All electrical outlets may look alike to you, but there are many options available. Outlets can differ in the amount of power they deliver, their safety features, and the devices they can power. So, there are many different outlets available on the market today. Choosing the right outlet typically comes down to a matter of installation location and intended use. The two common types of Roswell electrical outlets in residential spaces include GFCI and AFCI.

    2 Most Common Electrical Outlets

    GFCI outlets are ground fault circuit interrupter outlets. They prevent electrocution and electrical shocks by immediately interrupting power surges. They work when water contacts the outlet, for example. Because of this, these outlets are necessary for rooms where water is present or where young children play. AFCI outlets contain arc-fault circuit interrupters to detect electrical arcs. Some electrical arcs can cause electrical fires. AFCI outlets trip the circuit to prevent hazardous arcs from occurring. These outlets are suitable for any room in your home.

    Upgrade to Roswell Electrical Outlets With Dual USB Chargers

    Do you need Roswell electrical outlet repair for a broken outlet? Why not update and upgrade old broken wall outlets at the same time? Perry Electrical Contractors can install superior electrical outlets with Type-A and Type-C USB charging ports. These are wall outlets with built-in USB ports for easy charging. Imagine a duplex outlet and dual USB charger in one. Finally, you can stop searching everywhere for device chargers. Also, charging devices with these USB ports leaves outlets free to power additional electronics. In one USB electrical outlet, you can plug in two cords and two USB cables at one time. For example, one wall outlet can power two lamps and charge two smartphones simultaneously. Some of these outlets feature smart technology. As a safety feature, some provide overcharging protection for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more.

    Best Roswell Electrical Outlet Repair and Installation Near Me

    Hire the best Roswell electrical contractor, Perry Electrical Contractors, when you need electrical repair and installation services at affordable rates. We provide Roswell with whole-home surge protection, stand-by generators, electrical outlet repair, panel upgrades, and more. Let us install outdoor lighting for you. For quality professional Roswell electrical services trust Perry Electrical Contractors. Call or Text (678) 247 5488 when you want to hire the absolute best.