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    Dallas Electrical Panel Upgrades Are Essential for Home Safety and Comfort

    A Dallas electrical panel that needs an upgrade is dangerous. When your electrical panel cannot supply the amount of electricity your home needs, you will have trouble. One reason for circuit overload is an old electrical panel or fuse box that is out of date. Below are the signs you may overload your circuits and need a Dallas electrical panel upgrade.

    Eight Common Signs You May Be Overloading Circuits

    1. Warm to the touch electrical outlet covers.
    2. Frequent power surges in your Dallas home.
    3. Flickering lights in your Dallas home.
    4. Dimming lights when an appliance power on.
    5. Breakers are tripping more frequently in your electrical panel.
    6. Sparks at any electrical outlet.
    7. Burning smells from electrical outlets.
    8. Any discoloration on outlet covers or switch plates.


    Homeowners, Do Not Ignore Dallas Electrical Issues

    If you experience any of the issues we mentioned above, please seek help soon. Lucky for you, Perry Electrical Contractors has electricians you can trust to perform electrical work in your home. Of course, electrical panel upgrades need to be right the first time. At Perry Electrical Contractors, we have the skills and training to do the job for you without delay.

    Arc Faults Can Ignite Home Fires in Dallas

    Why are arc faults an important concern? The concern is that many home fires start due to electrical failure or malfunction involving arcing. Arching occurs from the accidental discharge of electrical current between conductors. Common reasons for arc faults are worn-out wiring and frayed appliance cords. Other causes include loose connections in wall outlets, faulty switches, and damaged junction boxes. The problem is that arc faults generate heat. They can generate enough heat to start a fire given enough time and current.

    Nine Common Arc Fault Scenarios That Can Lead to Home Fires

    1. Short circuits from defective and worn wiring insulation Electrical cords pinched by doors
    2. Electrical cords held under furniture legs
    3. Appliance cords bent repeatedly
    4. Wiring insulation nicked inside walls from picture hanging
    5. Punctured wiring insulation due to nailing, installing wall anchors or drilling into walls
    6. Extension cords running under carpets
    7. Old electrical systems with normal wear and tear
    8. Dallas electrical panels that cannot support the demands of modern devices
    9. Circuits overloaded attempting to power many appliances with power cords

    Indications of An Increased Chance of Electrical Fire

    Especially important is the frequency of power surges, loss of power events, tripping circuit breakers, and dropped Wi-Fi connections. If you notice these events happening more often, you probably have an elevated risk of a home electrical fire. To be safe, have a complete electrical system inspection from one of the local Dallas electricians from Perry Electrical Contractors.

    Old Dallas Electrical Panels Cannot Meet Today’s Demands

    Homes over fifteen years old with the original electrical system cannot meet the demands we have in 2021. With the technological advances since the 2000s, the electrical demands of typical Dallas households are high and on the rise. We have high-energy Wi-Fi-enabled everything. Devices including security cameras, smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, e-readers, gaming systems, printers, monitors, and others expect all demand power. Moreover, we need these to run simultaneously with microwaves, washers, dryers, and HVAC systems. That is why older homes with the original electrical panel in place need to upgrade. Electrical malfunctions are the third-leading cause of structure fires in the United States. Many of those problems stem from overloaded circuits, according to the NFPA “Electrical Fires” report.

    The Dallas Electrical Panel Upgrade Experts

    A Dallas electrical panel upgrade will dramatically reduce the risk of fire for your home. Another benefit is that your expensive digital devices will be less likely to suffer damaging power surges. Still, another advantage you get with a panel upgrade is fewer power interruptions. But wait, there is more – fewer broken Internet connections and dropped Wi-Fi signals. At Perry Electrical Contractors, we know your electrical system must meet your high-power demands. Our Dallas electrical panel upgrades and circuit breaker updates are essential for home safety. These services prevent power surges, power interruptions, dropped connections and reduce the risk of an electrical fire. Call 678-247-5488 or use our contact form to get in touch with us now.